9X ROAS ($7000 in 7 Days)

paid ads
email marketing
The challenge
  • Organisation and campaign management
  • Maintaining brand power
  • Combatting ad saturation
The result
  • Systemised workloads
  • Brand mission congruent with marketing
  • Fresh and highly effective creatives
  • $7000/Week reliable revenue figures
What you will learn from this case study…

✅ Why systemising workloads is essential for growth
✅  How to make sure you don't lose brand strength
✅ How to plan and launch new and effective creatives


In the ever-competitive landscape of e-commerce, we embarked on a journey to take a struggling business from zero to $7,000 in just seven days. This case study sheds light on the strategies and tactics employed to achieve this remarkable feat. By focusing on essential elements such as systematic workloads, brand strength, and creative marketing, we unlocked the path to rapid growth.

Our business was faced with the challenge of consistent revenue generation. To address this issue, we implemented a systematic approach. We recognized the need for structured operations and a streamlined workflow. We adopted a strategy to ensure that every aspect of our business was optimized.

Campaign Management

A key element of our success was our ability to adapt rapidly to the market. We didn't remain static but evolved continuously. This meant changing our offerings regularly. For example, we introduced a new offering every week. One week it might be 'buy one, get one free,' and the next '15% off sitewide.

The constant evolution of our offerings demanded fresh creatives and copy angles every seven days. To meet this challenge, we established a production machine that kept every team member accountable for meeting deadlines. Our goal was to create seven new video creatives each week, complemented by seven images. Each creative was scripted using effective frameworks, with scripts delivered to the client two weeks in advance. Additionally, we sent out three email campaigns each week.

Brand Preservation

In the world of dynamic marketing campaigns, the risk of brand dilution is ever-present. Each new creative could potentially dilute our brand's messaging and impact. To mitigate this risk, we created a comprehensive brand guidance document. This document ensured that every element of our marketing, including Facebook ads, email copy, keywords, and video style, remained aligned with our brand's identity.

Effective Ad Frameworks

Our journey into crafting highly effective ads led us to leverage two primary frameworks:


Attention, Interest, Desire, Action


Problem, Agitate, Solution

These frameworks provided a solid foundation for our video ad scripting, delivering a proven methodology. We didn't stop there; we continuously tested and adapted our hooks, the crucial first two seconds of a video that capture the audience's attention on social platforms.

We discovered that a successful ad often tells a story, whether it's the story of a product or a customer's journey. We found that starting with a relatable "struggle" in our storytelling was a highly effective way to connect with our audience.


Our success story demonstrates the transformative power of systematic operations, brand preservation, and creative marketing. It's proof that with the right strategies, even a struggling business can go from zero to $7,000 in just seven days. The key takeaways from our journey are clear:

✅ Systemize your workloads to optimize operations and adapt to market dynamics.

✅  Safeguard and enhance your brand by creating a brand guidance document.

✅ Utilize effective ad frameworks and storytelling techniques for compelling marketing campaigns.

By implementing these strategies, any business can achieve rapid growth and sustained success.