TikTok Ad Management
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Ready to Hire A Team Of Elite E-Commerce Ad Buyers and Supercharge Your E-Commerce Success? Harness the Expertise of Our Elite TikTok Ad Specialists to Craft and Oversee Your Ad Campaigns. Our Winning Customer Journey Blueprint is Forged from Over $2,500,000 in Ad Spend – Get Ready to Skyrocket Your Results!
  • Get Your Own Personal Ad Manager
  • Full Funnel Automation
  • 360 Degree Service
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Proven to work Custom Made Ad Strategies and Campaigns
  • Professionally Done Ad Copies
  • Audience Prospecting
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Hundreds of Happy Customers
With over $2,500,000 spent in ads in recent years, our team can immediately go in and create professional campaigns that have the potential to be life-changing.
Our team of TIKTOK ad professionals will set everything up for you based on a proven framework. We will conduct in-depth audience prospecting, so you’ll have the absolute best-in-class solutions at your disposal.
Oh and the best part of our service? We’ll also closely manage all the campaigns for you, fine-tuning and optimizing them for maximum results.

There’s a good reason why E-Commerce experts turn to TIKTOK Ads. To create a profitable store you need two things: people who want to buy products and then more of them. TikTok Ads allow you to tightly target a wide audience. This means we’ll be able to find millions of people we know who would love to have your products - and send them to your store.


We’ll start by having our professional ad strategists carefully craft a strategy unique to your business. We don’t offer one-size-fits-allsolutions… because they won’t work.We’ll deploy our advanced TikTok Audience Prospecting campaigns to pinpoint the audience cohorts that are most likely to convert on your pages.


Our TIKTOK Ad experts will carefully monitor your campaigns. Optimizing and tweaking the promising campaigns showing a profit… While killing the bad and unprofitable ones. Once they’ve discovered a campaign with a good ROI… they’ll go ALL-IN, getting huge traction and driving a massive SALE FRENZY!

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What is included in in the Ads Management
Personal Ads Manager Expert with over 5 years of experience
Professionally Done Ad Copies
Audience Prospecting
Proven to work Custom Made Ad Strategies and Campaigns
Report Every Week
Full Automation
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What will happen after I ordered?
We will contact you via email within 24 hours of your order and we will connect you with your ads manager.
What is the difference between ads setup and ads management?
In the TikTok ads setup, our team will help you with the launch of your ads on TikTok business suite and you should be taking care of the future ads optimization, creation of new ads and turning off those that are not working anymore. In TikTok ads management instead of that, a dedicated TikTok ads manager, other than setting up your ads, will also take care of the optimization 2 times a week for the period you desire (2, 4 or 8 weeks). And in case some ad is not working he’ll guide you on how to proceed and create new ads. You’ll be guided step by step, so if one day you decide to take care of the advertisement by yourself, you’ll be able to do that as well.
How will I communicate with my ads manager?
All the communication between you and your dedicated ads manager will occur in text mode via Skype. If you don’t have Skype yet, you can easily create an account or we can easily find another more suitable solution for you.
Do you offer ad set up/management for a store that wasn’t built by you?
Yes, we do! In case you already have an existing Store and you wish to get help with the advertising, you can contact our support team at info@brandrises.com and we will craft a custom plan for your TikTok ads management.
How can I pay for the ads via TikTok?
You can add your credit/debit card directly to your TikTok ads account which will be used for the TikTok Ads Budget. It is safe and quick.
Am I supposed to pay for the ad budget as well or Brandrise cover that?
You (the customer) are supposed to cover and pay for the ad budget as well. Brandrise just acts like a management partner of your ad account and the advertising campaigns, but we don’t provide you with the ad budget itself. It is your responsibility to pay Tik Tok for running ads on their platform. The ad budget must be covered by you only.