322% Revenue Increase with 6.5X ROAS

paid ads
email marketing
The challenge
  • Scale and Maintain profitable ad campaigns
  • Develop brand positioning for increased customer response
  • Market and scale internationally
The result
  • 322% Revenue increase from the previous month
  • Increasing returning customer rate to 21%
  • Achieving a 24-hour sales records
Total sales
What you will learn from this case study…

✅ Why branding is essential for next-level growth

✅ How to broaden your market internationally

✅ How to structure FB ad accounts for rapid scaling

✅ How to leverage new opportunities when they appear


When we embarked on our partnership with this brand, our initial step involved performing a thorough prescriptive analysis (PA). PA enabled us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the brand's previous marketing techniques, pinpointing the focal areas where our efforts would yield a profitable return. This data-driven approach formed the foundation for our decision-making process, which led to a remarkable 322% increase in revenue.


Prior to our journey towards scaling ad spending, we recognized the pivotal role of branding. While a store can make you a million, it's a brand that holds the potential to make you a billion. At Affluent, we firmly believe that the long-term success of any business hinges on the message that its brand conveys.

his particular brand specialized in clothing and accessories tailored for the blue-collar niche. Our mission was to ensure that our messaging resonated authentically with the daily lives of blue-collar workers. Through multiple branding sessions, we meticulously crafted the brand's mission statement. Once the mission statement was established, we harmonized our marketing efforts across all platforms to align with this core message. The outcome was nothing short of explosive results.

International Scaling

During our analysis phase, we uncovered an untapped market in Mexico that was a perfect fit for both the product and brand. As a strategic move, we launched ads and email campaigns with content translated into Spanish. Remarkably, we opted to keep our targeting broad, and this approach was richly rewarded by the Facebook algorithm.

8-Figure Ad Account:

Our journey involved years of experimentation with various Facebook ad account structures, all geared toward aggressive scaling. One of our most influential strategies, known as the 'Bid Mitigation Strategy,' played a pivotal role in this business's remarkable growth. This strategy comprises the following components:

1X ABO Campaign per country (For testing)

1X CBO Campaign (Scaling)

1X Minimum ROAS campaign (Maintaining)

1X Cost Cap Campaign (Stabilizing)

This ad account structure allows us to orchestrate campaigns effectively and ensures they achieve a minimum profitable Return on Investment (ROI). Each campaign utilizes a different bidding strategy, and they are collectively responsible for achieving the desired outcomes as we continue to expand the budget.

Effective and consistent content creation is also a vital component of a successful marketing funnel. We currently generate seven new ad scripts and pieces of copy every week to facilitate ongoing testing and maintain substantial growth.

Omnichannel Expansion:

In our relentless pursuit of increasing profitability and scaling at the top of the funnel (TOF), we recognized TikTok as a goldmine of opportunity. We leveraged our success on Facebook to transition the video ads into a TikTok-style format. With minor adaptations, we opened up another highly profitable TOF source.

Omnichannel marketing became the ultimate goal for a brand of this scale. As Facebook and TikTok evolved, we assumed control of all marketing channels for the business, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google ads, email marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and ad content editing.


Scaling brands to 8 figures necessitates the implementation of a multitude of techniques. Each marketing platform has its unique nuances, and mastering each of these specialisms remains the core focus of marketing in order to achieve scalable growth and maintain competitiveness. This case study serves as a testament to the transformative power of data-driven decision-making, precise branding, international expansion, structured ad accounts, and an omnichannel approach, showcasing how a brand can skyrocket from zero to $1 million in under a year.